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Sept. 9-15 La Mirada Crime Summary


Notable Arrests

• Thirteen suspects were arrested throughout La Mirada for various warrants and narcotics violations.


• A cell phone was reported stolen during an argument on the 14200 block of Firestone Blvd.

Aggravated Assault

• A victim was reportedly shot during an early morning incident on the 14200 block of Imperial Hwy. The victim took himself to the hospital and was treated for a graze wound to the arm. No other injuries or incidents were reported at the location, the case is under investigation.

Residential Burglary

• A bag with a laptop was reported stolen on the 14300 block of De Alcala Dr.

Other Structure Burglary

• An afternoon burglary was reported on the 15700 block of Rosecrans Ave. A garage was broken into.

• An early morning burglary attempt was reported on the 15600 block of Imperial Hwy.

• Several bottles of cologne were reported stolen during a late night burglary on the 15800 block of Imperial Hwy.

• Three lockers were broken into during a daytime burglary on the 13300 block of Beach Blvd.

Vehicle Burglary

• An early morning burglary was reported on the 14000 block of Highlander Rd.

• An early morning burglary was reported on the 14300 block of Firestone Blvd.

• A purse was reported stolen during a daytime window smash burglary on the 15800 block of Imperial Hwy.

Grand Theft                        

• Various packages were stolen during a daytime theft of an unlocked trailer on the 16000 block of Heron Ave.

Grand Theft Vehicle

• Two sedans were reported stolen on the 14700 block of Alondra Blvd.

• Two trailers were reported stolen on the 14400 block of Industry Cir.

• A stolen truck was recovered on the 14300 block of Alondra Blvd.


 Centerpointe Forrest Gump – A subject who had been previously warned regarding trespassing came back to the same location.  The subject had previously been escorted off the property. Police made contact and arrested a 30-year-old subject for trespassing.

Get Out of My House – 5200 block of Los Encantos Cir. – A female wanted a male subject to leave. Police arrested a female subject for domestic battery and transported her to Orange County Jail.

Some Parent’s Kids – 5500 block of Orangethorpe Ave. – Two males were reportedly engaged in a physical fight. The parties were separated. The subjects were determined to be brothers. Parties advised and will comply and were released to their parents.

Who Turned Out the Lights? – Walker/La Luna – A loud explosion was reportedly heard and the lights went out briefly and smoke was seen. Power lines were determined to be down and on fire. OCFA and Southern California Edison were notified and responded. Edison shut down power in the area. 

New Tint Needed   – 8200 block of Walker St. – A vehicle’s window was reportedly smashed in the parking lot of the location. Also, a petty theft from a vehicle report was taken. Police checked the parking lot for any additional victim vehicles but did not locate any.

Don’t Fight Cops When Drunk  – 7700 block of Valley View St. – A male subject was reportedly heard screaming. Police made contact with a semi-uncooperative subject. The subject had been drinking and was determined to likely fight the police. The subject was arrested for resisting/obstructing and officer and battery on an officer and was transported to Orange County Jail.

Steel Cheetos, Assault Police Officer – 5400 block of Orangethorpe Ave. – Two subjects reportedly stole food from the business. Police located and detained two subjects, who were positively identified. Police arrested a 25-year-old Cerritos resident for shoplifting and trespassing and a 38-year-old Buena Park resident for shoplifting, trespassing, and assaulting a police officer.

Throwing Bottles at Cars – Orangethorpe/Valley View – A male subject was reportedly on the center median and throwing water bottles at passing vehicles. Incident handled by Buena Park Police Department.



Two lockers were broken into at 17900 Blk Studebaker Rd, doors were broken and money was taken.

Two residential burglaries occurred, 19300 Blk Alburtis Ave  – rear door shattered; 13000 Blk La Jara Cir – lock shattered.

A restaurant was broken into at 17100 Blk Norwalk Blvd-front door shattered, cash box emptied; and a storage facility at 10800 Blk Artesia Blvd was broken into, the door was broke, it is not known what was stolen 

Grand Theft 

Personal documents were taken from a person at the Los Cerritos Center,  the suspect was arrested; Goodyear Tires were stolen from a business at 18000 Blk Valley View Ave; a ” High Dollar Purchase” was taken from a shopper at the Los Cerritos Center; a cellphone was stolen from person at 18000 Blk Studebaker. 

Grand Theft Auto

Four cars were stolen from the Nissan dealership on Crusader, three cars have not been recovered. Two other cars were stolen from the Los Cerritos Center and from in front of a restaurant at 18400 Blk Gridley Rd.

Seven Week Rolling Crime Report 

Part one crimes 2018 average 36.5, 2019 average 33.1, a 10% drop. 

Part one crimes include homicide, rape robbery, burglary, and petty theft.

2018-’19 miscellaneous crimes, which include arson, forgery, sex felonies, sex misdemeanors, simple assault, narcotics and vandalism were exactly the same at 8.9.

Alarm calls were slightly up from 2018, which was 45.8 compared to 47.7 in 2019. Calls for service for 2018 was 323.4 ,for 2019 it was 317.1, a decrease of nearly 2%.

The sheriff station stresses that this is preliminary information for data is not final and subject to change


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