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La Mirada Council To Hold Emergency Meeting Tonight, Will Close All City Facilities


The city of La Mirada will conduct an emergency meeting tonight at City Hall at 5 PM to address the coronavirus pandemic and it’s impact on the city.

The council will  likely pass a resolution “proclaiming the existence of a local emergency and taking certain actions due to that emergency.”

The resolution gives the City Manager the power to act in the capacity of the Director of Emergency Services and the emergency organization of the city.

The following actions will be taken  immediately and remain in effect through April 12:

  • Cancellation of the planning commission meeting of March 19 and City Council meeting of March 24.
  • All of La Mirada city facilities shall be closed to the public with the exception of passive activities in city of La Mirada parks.
  • The Council will authorize pay to any employee affected by the public building closure equal to two weeks paid leave; in addition to paid leave to which that employee would be entitled had the closure not occurred.

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