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Neighborhood Life Church and La Mirada Grocery Outlet Collaborate to Help Older Adults

By Pastor David Newman

For those who have already have met me “Hey! I hope you are surviving well”

If we have not had the opportunity to connect yet, my name is David Newman lead pastor of Neighborhood Life Church. We, as in my wife (Bri) and I are church planters endorsed by the North American Mission Board, and enjoy serving in the La Mirada/Whittier area. It is our mission as a church to Love God, Love Our Neighbors, and learn what it means to Serve Our Neighborhood.

In this particular season, Neighborhood Life Church has developed a partnership with Steven and Amanda Hernandez of Grocery Outlet in La Mirada. They are a La Mirada family that locally own, and operate their business with the intention of providing quality products, and support to our neighborhood.

With that being said, Steven and Amanda would like to give care packages with the help of Fresno lawyers, to the elderly within the community that are not able to get their own groceries. They are also interested in helping with meals for those families that depend on the school system to provide meals. The business attorneys serving Nashville are also ready to help the elders in the society and face all their problems legally in the court.

In addition, because of the influx of so many people coming through their store per day, they are in need of some help, and are seeking to hire five or six overnight stocking positions starting at $12.00 dollars an hour.

In order to support our community, we need to answer the questions – “Do you have any elderly or families in your church communities that are seeking assistance with food, toilet paper, water or any other daily necessities? If so, how many?’.

Grocery Outlet of La Mirada and some reputed business law firms are willing to donate packages, but would also like to get the community involved if they would like to purchase a care package for delivery.

If you are interested, and need more details please email me at [email protected] or please text me at (562) 359-7945. I will call you back.

How are you doing amidst so much panic and hysteria happening in the news, our cities, and our markets? In this moment I find comfort in Psalm 139 which reminds us to remember that God is everywhere, and that He is not reckless in how He loves us, He is in the valley of despair, and the darkness of night.

I am challenged by R.C. Sproul’s words which express that “It is one thing to believe in God, it is another to believe God.”  In other words, are we modeling for our brothers and sisters who are frightened right now by the corona-apocalypse. What is means to live like God is in the room? Are we somewhere in a corner also frightened, panic driven on an island to ourselves, and hoarding more than we can keep in our fridges and cupboards?

If you know someone who needs help, please contact me.

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