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Placing COVID-19 Vulnerable Houseless to Begin Tomorrow at Norwalk’s Saddleback Hotel


This past Monday May 4, it was first reported by HMG-LCCN that Norwalk City and L.A. County officials conducted a walk-through, that also included representatives from the Roomkey Project and the Los Angeles County Fire Department, of the Saddleback hotel in Norwalk to please houseless people vulnerable to getting COVID-19.

HMG-LCCN reported that Whittier Area First Day Coalition would be the operator for Saddleback Roomkey project.

First Day told officials that they expected to gradually begin housing ten to fifteen vulnerable houseless folks per day starting this Wed May 6. The hotel has approximately 210 rooms, so First Day will have the hotel full by May 20, as they indicated that “they have clients already lined up to fill the occupancy.”

Now, according to sources, the houseless will start taking rooms tomorrow starting at 10 a.m.

First Day will begin screening candidates at 8 AM but no information was given as to whether or not they will be conducting criminal or background searches, nor was it stated that if something criminal was found, that they would have to register with law-enforcement.

HMG–LCCN and was told that ten folks will be placed tomorrow, with the goal of twenty per day until the property is full at 210.

HMG-LCCN was told that Los Angeles County does not have a plan after 90 days, August 6,  for the hotel and the houseless.

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