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ASSEMBLING: La Mirada Mayor John Lewis (front right) along with volunteers and the owners of the La Mirada Grocery Outlet, prepare to assemble packages for the City’s older adults. Donations have come from Sup. Janice Hahn, City Councilman Ed Eng, Mayor Lewis, the Grocery Outlet, Love La Mirada &Neighborhood Life Church.



Senior Care Packages are thriving in La Mirada thanks to a new $10,000 infusion by Supervisor Janice Hahn.

Love La Mirada, Grocery Outlet, the Neighborhood Life Church and numerous volunteers continue to process the senior care packages in the City.  This program was the genesis of Mayor Pro Tem Ed Eng, Grocery Outlet and Pastor David Newman of Neighborhood Life.  

Since its inception in March 2020, the program has benefitted from many individual donations by Eng’s personal charitable foundation, Mayor John Lewis, Love La Mirada and many other community volunteers.  These donations have funded over 850 care packages that have been delivered to local La Mirada seniors in need.  Grocery Outlet La Mirada has really stepped up during this crisis to assist the community by providing the food items, bags, and a location for the processing of these packages.

As La Mirada continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, many more care packages are needed to assist seniors and the needy in the community.  Last week Mayor Lewis worked with local charitable organization Love La Mirada on a proposal to Supervisor Janice Hahn’s office.  

The Supervisor has generously donated $10,000 to this program to feed local seniors and those in need. This donation will extend the program and generate an additional 1400 care packages for the community over the next several weeks. 

Lewis stated “It is a wonderful thing to see the community step-up in these times of crisis to help those that are less fortunate and unable to get our to purchase necessary food items … This is the true spirit of La Mirada coming out in everyone!”

Mayor pro tem Eng added “ I am so inspired by la Mirada residents coming together at this challenging time to care for our most vulnerable neighbors during this emergency. This program is a testament to the hearts and character of La Mirada residents.”

Hahn’s Field deputy, Ivan Sulic, stated, “This check is to support our most vulnerable residents during this pandemic. The Supervisor wants you to know that she is standing with you and will provide the resources you need.”

Finally Amanda Hernandez, the owner of Grocery Outlet La Mirada added “We are grateful that we have such support from our entire city and want to thank all of the volunteers who work on the project.”

For anyone wishing to donate to these care packages, they are $7 per package. Please visit Grocery Outlet and tell the cashier you would like to donate to the program and they will take care of your donation.

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