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PASSINGS: A La Mirada City Treasure- Ms. Myllie Taylor

MS. MYLLIE TAYLOR passed Friday evening, Jun 26th. A memorial was held at the historic Neff house.



Ms. Myllie Taylor passed Friday evening, Jun 26th. A memorial was held at the historic Neff house the following Sunday, June 28th. Mayor John Lewis said “Today we say goodbye to a La Mirada Legend. Myllie Taylor was a gem in a shining city on a hill.”

If it happened in La Mirada, then Myllie Taylor either made it happen or knew the story behind it all. Having lived in La Mirada before it even became a city, Miss Myllie was considered to be the quintessence of strength and vitality of the close-knit community.

“Myllie was a treasure to this city,” said Councilman Larry Mowles, who has known Taylor for 35 years “You name it, she’s done it,” he added. “She was a force in La Mirada. Most people will say that if it weren’t for Taylor, the city may not even exist.”

Taylor was a reporter and photographer for The Whittier Daily News back in the early 1960’s, and at the time the only female on its editorial staff. She lived in and raised her family in La Mirada for more than 60 years. She volunteered on the parks and recreation commission, historical commission and was on the board building and creating the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts.  “I’ve seen it all, darling,” Taylor said with a wink. It would probably be easier to name the committees or commissions that Taylor did not serve on. 

Taylor loved to visit classrooms and teach the history of La Mirada, “I get real enjoyment from teaching the students,” she said. “The kids are fabulous.” It was more than just giving facts, figures and dates; Taylor really loved La Mirada and was a keystone to the community.  “I want them to learn that even if they don’t succeed on the first try, they must keep trying until they do!”

If ever a city had a matriarch, it was the spry and quick witted Ms. Myllie Taylor. Taylor helped organize the incorporation of the City, served on several commissions, Chamber of Commerce and was the originator and first president of the La Mirada Hospital Advisory Council.  Her dedication to the City was evident through her philanthropy and service. 

To honor this legacy, the Myllie Taylor Service Award is presented to an individual, or a community based organization or business that is located within the City and has shown extraordinary service or given selflessly of time and talent contributing to the betterment of the community.  

Even Janice Hahn, Supervisor of Los Angeles County 4th District was acquainted with Taylor. At a former prayer breakfast Hahn’s said “The first moment I walked into the room this morning, Ms. Myllie said come here child, let me look in your eyes,” Hahn continues, “Myllie said ‘yep – I can see your father in your face.’ “

Taylor was a force to be reckoned with, quick witted and quick to point out where you could be a better person. Lewis added “She was always there to help everyone anytime, anywhere. She fought every day for this city and now she is at rest. Godspeed Ms. Myllie. You will be missed. “

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