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State Sen. Bob Archuleta Honored Marine Killed in Landing Craft Accident


Cpl. Marco "Andy" Barranco


camp pendleton marine


Senator Bob Archuleta presented the U.S. flag that was flown over the State Capitol in Sacramento to the Barranco family, honoring Marine Cpl. Marco “Andy” Barranco, one of the servicemen who were killed in a training accident earlier this month. During the presentation of the flag, Sen. Archuleta explained the 13 folds of the U.S. flag ceremony, gave remarks honoring Marine Cpl. Marco Barranco and all who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of our country, as well as all the current servicemen and women. The Barranco family shared their memories of their son, brother and friend during the private ceremony on Sunday, Aug. 9, 2020, outside of the family home in Montebello. They were joined by members of the Montebello Police Department, the U.S. Marine Corps, and immediate family.

“It was my honor to be invited by Cpl. Barranco’s family to be part of this private ceremony. They have shown such strength and grace during this most difficult time for their family. The U.S. Marine Corps family has supported them since this tragic accident took place last week, as have the city of Montebello, the Montebello Police Department, family, friends, and the entire Montebello community. God bless Marine Cpl. Marco Barranco, may he rest in peace,” Sen. Archuleta said. Since the number of crimes is increasing day by day, the government should interfere to frame a set of strict rules and regulations which would make sure to limit the number of crimes noted in the country. In the area of drugs being the highest number of cases recorded, it is best to implement penalties for DUI for underage and threatening them to be banned from society when they are found in possession and usage of illegal drugs. There must be strict monitoring of the circulation of drugs in the country and also on the drug users who need to be taken to the re-habitation centers to never use drugs again in their life ever again.

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