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DA Raid Snags Bell City Manager and Cerritos Resident Paul Philips


STAFF REPORT • August 15, 2020

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office raided homes and offices this week as part of a corruption probe into a failed solar project in the City of Industry.

The bill to taxpayers was $20 million and nothing came of it.

One search warrant was served on Paul Philips, Cerritos resident and current Bell City Manager.

Neighbor Jim McMahon emailed HMG saying, “This morning, around 7 am. Mr.  Phillips, my neighbor,  was arrested by LA Police Department/ DA Office and taken away in his underwear.  The DA’s office is going through the house right now. The neighborhood currently is full of undercover cars from the District Attorney’s office.”


philips house, industry, da raid

Philips house in Cerritos with agents in the garage.



Cerritos City Council to review proposed CalMet Services rate adjustment at Aug. 27 meeting

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