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Rapper Travis Scott Cited for Publicity Stunt at Downey McDonald’s


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Travis Scott in front of the original McDonald’s in Downey. Downey PD said nearly 500 fans showed up, both Scott and the owner of the McDonal’d were cited for not pulling permits.


By Tammye McDuff • September 16, 2020

Last Thursday, September 10th, social media lit up showing hip hop rapper Travis Scott posing in front of the original McDonald’s on Florence and Lakewood. The idea was to try out Scott’s new Cactus Jack Meal.

TMZ reported Wednesday, September 16th that the event was supposed to be low-key, the pop-up promotion was not posted or advertised, but fans found out before he arrived and flooded the parking lot and now he is being fined for the rowdy gathering at a Mickey D’s over his new $6 meal.

Both the rapper and the McDonald’s location in Downey have been cited by the city over a whole slew of fans showing up at the fast-food joint for the launch of his new meal, because they didn’t have permits.

According to the tickets, obtained by TMZ, Scott failed to obtain an event permit for a crowd of over 200 people before he showed up. He was to greet fans who were waiting in line to try his Cactus Jack meal. He also allegedly failed to get a permit to film.

Both he and the Old McDonalds locations have been issued citations. As was reported, fans were maskless and not social distancing and Scott had to run for cover, before he was ‘McMobbed’.

A spokesperson for Downey said that police reported about 500 people in attendance, and dispatched several units to make sure the large crowd stayed safe. There have been no injuries or arrests associated with the even.

Scott is only the second celebrity to score his very own McDonald meal, Michael Jordan was the first to receive this privilege in 1992.

McDonald’s said it is running out of burgers because of the wild popularity of the Cactus Meal that launched last week.

Order the Cactus Jack $6 deal and you’ll get a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mustard, medium fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite.

“We’re working closely with our suppliers, distributors, and franchisees to resupply impacted restaurants as quickly as possible,’ McDonald’s said in a statement.

Photos courtesy of McDonald.com


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