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HMG-CN OP/ED: What the @&$# Were You Thinking Newsom and State Legislators?



Media is reporting that Gov. Newsom will issue a stay at home order soon while also placing restrictions on restaurants and other establishments.

This is the same governor that sat shoulder to shoulder with 10 other friends in a semi enclosed room at the French Laundry in Napa last week.

Not only was it stupid but it was probably expensive too, as dinner is a minimum of $300 a plate at a restaurant you have to call months ahead to get a seat, which I doubt Numbskull Newsom or his lobbyist friend had to do.

Now when Numbskull issues a stay at home order what do you think Republicans and other COVID-deniers are going to say? Likely some colorful language, but seriously, Numbskull has lost any moral high ground he possessed and can no longer preach responsibility related to COVID.

Kind of like Trump’s COVID Task Force (Farce); Newsom needs to appoint a spokesperson with credibility.

I have defended Numbskull from COVID deniers and right wing sycophants, he has done a good job handling the pandemic, better than the federal government, now it’s downright embarrassing to try and defend him after his trip to hoity-toity French Laundry.

Couldn’t you have got caught in like a Jack-in-the-Box or something? Or getting your hair done?

In addition while we all sit in our garages or our backyards having Thanksgiving, legislators on both sides of the aisle took off on an all-expense paid trip to Maui sponsored by Washington and Texas companies.

While they have drinks, fancy meals and golf at the swanky Fairmont Kea Lani with a room rate of $500 per night, presumably to discuss the future of California, the perception amid a worldwide pandemic is sheer stupidity and callous disregard of their own actions.

The hypocrisy is downright overwhelming.

As a newspaper publisher, I often see the hypocrisy from local elected officials who were entrusted with ensuring public safety, preaching safety precautions, yet behind the scenes doing something totally different, and usually corrupt.

But these actions from State lawmakers and our own Numbskull Governor are out in the open, they feel entitled in their bad behavior.

Now every COVID denier can point to Numbskull and the legislators and say “if they act like that why can’t I?”

What the @#$% were you thinking Newsom?

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