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La Mirada Resident to Play on Wheel of Fortune

STAFF REPORT • February 22, 2021

 Miriam Welderufael of La Mirada, Calif., will be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune on Tuesday, February 23, 2021. Miriam is a projects manager for AmeriCorps and a former Peace Corps volunteer returned from Paraguay. She is passionate about volunteering and traveling, and has lived all over the world, including St. Croix, St. Thomas, Washington D.C. and New York. Miriam has been a Wheel Watcher her whole life and would watch daily with her family. She applied to be a contestant at WheelofFortune.com and participated in a virtual audition. “The virtual audition was so much fun! It was like a virtual board game in the middle of the week with strangers!,” says Miriam. She hopes to put some work into her new house and donate to those impacted by the pandemic with any winnings she is lucky enough to take home.

 WHERE TO WATCH: Weeknights on KABC (ABC7) at 7:30PM.

 Miriam will be spinning the Wheel and solving puzzles to win once-in-a-lifetime vacations and cash prizes as part of “Island Hopping” week. It’s never been easier to audition to become a contestant. Wheel of Fortune fans can submit applications at https://www.wheeloffortune.com/join/be-a-contestant for a chance to be invited to a virtual audition. There, potential contestants can show off their puzzle-solving skills and potentially be selected to appear as a contestant on the show from the comfort of their own homes. If selected to be on the show, everyone goes home with a minimum of $1,000.


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