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Virtual Career Fair for Veterans and Military Spouses


March 15, 2021

RecruitMilitary and DAV will host the Western Region Virtual Career Fair for Veterans & Military Spouses tomorrow, Tuesday, March 16th from 11am to 3pm Pacific Time.  This virtual hiring event is open for registration to all transitioning members of the military, veterans, military spouses and dependents.  RecruitMilitary’s virtual events are technologically enhanced to provide personal interaction among job candidates and employers in large group, small group and one-one-one formats. To view a tour of the virtual event format, visit here.

 Veteran unemployment holds steady with the latest DOL report stating the rate locked in at 5.2% for February 2021, slightly down from 5.5% in January, but still double the veteran unemployment rate at this time last year.  And the unemployment rate of military spouses also heads steady, but at an alarmingly higher rate of nearly 24%. 

 The good news, we’re actively getting veterans and military spouses to work and there are organizations hiring this specific demographic with identified military-trained skill sets and they need to fill jobs NOW. Industries such as distribution, supply chain, logistics, e-commerce, data storage/broadband, pharmaceuticals, select retail are just a few of the areas of business that are rapidly hiring and in large volume.   

 I’d like to connect you with RecruitMilitary’s Event Director Allen Von Plinsky, who is also a U.S. Army veteran, to learn more about how RecruitMilitary is bringing career opportunities and resources to the military communities of the Western U.S. Region this week.  Please contact me today to arrange a time to speak with Allen to learn more.

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