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La Mirada Adds Preferential Parking District

By Tammye McDuff • March 29, 2021

In August 2003, the La Mirada City Council established a Preferential Parking district [PPD] program.  The Ordinance created a petition program by residents for a parking permit, while also outlining guidelines and enforcement authority. Since its creation the City has established six PPD areas.

In November 2020, the City received another petition from residents in the 11000 block of Armsdale Avenue, 12808 Leffingwell Road, 14600 block of Richvale Drive and two blocks on Rimrock Drive.

There have been reported concerns of inadequate parking from local apartments and commercial buildings.

Due to that severe shortage, along with excessive noise, littering and blocking of driveways, thirty homeowners have requested the addition of a new PPD. Of those current homeowners, 28 signed the new petition, with two residents expressing their opposition.

During the January 28, 2021 Public Safety Commission, the PPD was unanimously approved and recommended that city Council adopt the resolution for a new PPD.

It wasn’t just homowners requesting a PPD; it was patrons of the commercial center and the apartment complex.

City Clerk Anne Haraskin added that their study did not include car counts and that staff did visit the area on a few occasions. Each council member had conflicted opinions from a PPD not being necessary to questions regarding the crime criteria.

City Council decided that this was a quality of life issue with 28 out of 30 residents requesting a preferential parking district.

PPD 7 is in the following area: east side of Armsdale Avenue from Leffingwell Road to Telegraph Road; north side of Richvale Drive from Armsdale Avenue to Ronald Drive; south side of Richvale Drive from Armsdale Avenue; Rimrock Drive cul-de-sac north of Richvale Drive; east side of Rimrock Drive from Richvale Drive and the west side of Rimrock Drive from Richvale Drive.

With the adoption of this resolution it would be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle within PPD 7 unless they have been issued a parking permit with no more than four annual permits being issued per single family residence.

The vote to approve was 3-1 with Mayor pro tem Ed Eng opposing and Councilman Anthony Otero being absent.

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