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Drive-Thru Pet Clinic Hosted by the City of La Mirada

May 19, 2021


The City will hold a drive-thru Pet Vaccination Clinic on Tuesday, June 15 from      5 to 8 p.m. in the parking lot of the La Mirada Community Gymnasium, located at        15101 Alicante Road.

The Clinic will be by appointment only.  Reservations including payments, must be completed online by Tuesday, June 8.  To make a reservation visit www.heart4pets.org and click the “Clinic Services” tab.

Pet licensing services will also be provided at the drive-thru site.  No reservation is needed to renew or obtain new animal licenses.  Pet licenses will be available at the following rates:

Altered dog                                                   $20

Unaltered dog                                              $60

Senior Citizens-owned altered dog          $7.50

Senior Citizens-owned unaltered dog     $60

Altered cat                                                     $5

Unaltered cat                                                $10

Pet vaccination and micro chipping will be available at the following rates:

Dog Rabies                                                   $7

Purevax for Cats                              1 year-$23, 3 years – $49

DHPP                                                             $23

Bordetella                                                     $18

FVRCP                                                          $23

FELV                                                              $25

AVID Microchips for Cats                           $30

AVID Microchips for Dogs                          $30

Other Services

Roundworm deworming                             $13

Tapeworm deworming                                $15 – $35 (depending on weight)

For more information regarding the Vaccination Clinic or pet licensing, please call         (562) 902-2334.


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