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La Mirada Mayor Anthony Otero presents Sophia Cho a student of Heights Christian School, with a certificate of recognition for winning 1st place in her grade category for the annual Public Safety Poster Contest.


 October 31, 2022

The La Mirada City Council recognized the winners of the City’s annual Public Safety Poster Contest during the October 25 City Council meeting. The poster contest promotes safety awareness in La Mirada schools. More than 250 students submitted poster entries highlighting this year’s contest theme, “I’m a Safety Champion.”

Public Safety Commissioners served as judges and selected first, second and third place winners in each grade category.

Winners are as follow:

Kindergarten and First Grade


1st Place Charlotte Peltier

Escalona Elementary School

Teacher:   Mrs. Garlick

Principal:  Mrs. Lytle


2nd Place Ajae Contreras

Dulles Elementary School

Teacher:  Mrs. Jeffers

Principal: Mrs. Gallegos


3rd Place Kameryn Ruiz

St. Paul of the Cross

Teacher:  Mrs. Quiros

Principal: Ms. Hernandez


Second and Third Grade


1st Place Sophia Cho

Heights Christian School

Teacher:  Mrs. Tobin

Principal: Mrs. Taylor


2nd Place Caitlin Samattasribootr

Escalona Elementary School

Teacher:  Mrs. Livoja

Principal: Mrs. Lytle


3rd Place Charlotte Wolk

Escalona Elementary School

Teacher:  Ms. Ivy

Principal: Mrs. Lytle



Fourth and Fifth Grade


1st  Place Caleb Samattasribootr

Escalona Elementary School

Teacher:  Mrs. Della Valle

Principal: Mrs. Lytle


2nd Place Nai’a Larson

La Pluma Elementary School

Teacher:  Ms. Acosta

Principal: Mrs. Bixby


3rd Place Janelle Javier

Beatitudes of Our Lord

Teacher: Ms. Rosas

Principal: Mr. Villegas


Sixth through Eighth Grade


1st Place Madison Lee

Benton Middle School

Teacher:  Mr. Estes

Principal: Mrs. Ridgeway


2nd Place Seyla Heang

Benton Middle School

Teacher:  Mrs. Estrada

Principal: Mrs. Ridgeway


3rd Place Joshua Herrera

St. Paul the Cross School

Teacher:  Mrs. Salazar

Principal: Ms. Hernandez


Ninth through Twelfth Grade


1st Place Stephanie Plascencia

La Mirada High School

Teacher:  Mrs. Calahorrano

Principal: Mr. Webster


2nd Place Marcus Salazar

La Mirada High School

Teacher:  Mrs. Calahorrano

Principal: Mr. Webster


3rd Place Isabella Bermudo

La Mirada High School

Teacher:  Mr. Wood

Principal: Mr. Webster

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