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Virtual Golf Facility Coming to La Mirada

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April 26, 2024

By Brian Hews

A virtual golf concept called Golf Plus is scheduled to open this summer in La Mirada; the establishment will offer Korean comfort food in addition to golf. 

Management recently applied for a liquor license with the city for the on-site sale of beer and wine.

Golf Plus will be located within the La Mirada Theatre Center on the south side of Rosecrans Avenue, east of La Mirada Boulevard, behind the IHOP restaurant, with easy access from any area within the center.

The facility will be located inside the former PDGA and LA Fitness building.

Golf Plus will be an entertainment and recreational facility that offers virtual golf experiences. Instead of playing golf outdoors on a traditional course, players will use simulators to play golf indoors. 

These simulators will feature high-definition screens, sensors, and software that simulate actual golf courses. Players can use their clubs to hit actual golf balls into a screen, simulating the ball’s trajectory and landing on the virtual course.

Golf Plus will allow golfers to play on most courses worldwide, regardless of weather conditions or time of day. 

According to their website, the La Mirada outpost will be its flagship location, boasting 17,000 square feet of cutting-edge golf simulation technology powered by GTR.

GTR offers “Technology-Enhanced Training,” which utilizes devices such as launch monitors, swing analyzers, and virtual reality systems to provide data-driven feedback and analysis for improving a person’s golf swing.

The facility will also offer specialized training aids using tools and equipment designed to target specific aspects of the golf swing or other parts of the game, such as putting trainers, alignment aids, or swing tempo trainers.

Finally, Golf Plus will offer coaching programs with personalized instruction, practice plans, and support to help golfers achieve their goals.

In a statement, Golf Plus owners wrote, “Our focus isn’t just on technology; we’re dedicated to ensuring a great time for all. With a full kitchen and bar serving Korean-inspired comfort cuisine and private rooms for up to 10 people, we’re here to provide an unparalleled experience. Whether you’re taking lessons in our Members-only area or partying in one of our private rooms, our team is committed to delivering an unforgettable experience.

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